Eagle Electric Chapati Roti Maker

Eagle Electric Chapati Roti Maker


Rating Questions

1. Baking quality

2. Electricity consume

3. Easy to use

4. Value for money

5. Durability




This Brand Is High Quality Teflon Aluminium Tawas Sturdy S.Steel Body, Shock Proof Insulated Bakelite Handles Ideal for making Crisp Roties, Papads ,Khakhras, Parothas ect, It is in fact a Portable Moving Tawa,Never immerse the appliance or my other part there of in water or any other liquide.

Survey Questionnaire

1.  How many roti do you eat in a day?

2.  How many members are in your home?

3.  How long times you spent for making roti?

4.  Which brand roti maker do you prefer?

5.  Which type of roti do you like to eat?

6.  What is the important factor of roti maker?

7.  How do you Know about roti maker?

8.  How much price you spent for purchase a roti maker?

9.  Do you prefer warranty on a roti maker?

10.  Do you suggest another to purchase a roti maker?

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