HDFC Ergo Insurance

HDFC Ergo Insurance


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1. Price

2. Third party benefit

3. On road support

4. Claim process time

5. Cover risk




Repayment of all accidental damages to the two-wheeler as well as the policyholder.Repair services available for two-wheeler as well as accessories.Policyholders can file claims online.Round-the-clock, efficient customer support to help policyholders resolve policy and service related queries/issues.

Survey Questionnaire

1.  How many two wheeler you have?

2.  How much risk engaged to your work?

3.  What is the top benefit by making a two wheeler insurance?

4.  Did you make two wheeler insurance before?

5.  In which vehicle you travel?

6.  Do you face any accident in your life before?

7.  Why you prefer two wheeler insurance?

8.  Would you prefer?

9.  How to choose a best two wheeler insurance for you?

10.  In which company would you interested to make Two-wheeler insurance?

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