IWS 3D Printed 160 TC Polycotton Single Bedsheet

IWS 3D Printed 160 TC Polycotton Single Bedsheet


Rating Questions

1. Design

2. Washable

3. Light weight

4. Durability

5. Value for money




Luxurious design consisting of sober shapes with an international taste and appeal. The striking range is mood uplifting with vibrant colours that will bring your bedroom to life.It also Soft luxury bedding for an affordable price. These sheets retain their vibrant color, providing the needed charm to complete any bedroom.

Survey Questionnaire

1.  Where do you use?

2.  Why you prefer bed sheet?

3.  Which material bed sheet are you looking for?

4.  Rate us how bed sheet protect the mattresses?(Where 1 is the least)

5.  Would you interested in buying bed sheet with pillow cover?

6.  How important design for you in a bed sheet?

7.  If bed sheet is available on online with more discount, would you buy in bulk quantity?

8.  How comfort you will feel while using bed sheet?( where 1 is the least)

9.  How much you spent for a bed sheet?

10.  Which factor you take to consider while choosing bed sheet?

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Rating of IWS 3D Printed 160 TC Polycotton Single Bedsheet


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