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1. Easy to store

2. Recording speed

3. Disc capacity

4. Security

5. Durability




A CD burner is the informal name for a CD recorder, a device that can record data to a compact disc. CD Recordable and CD Rewritable are the two most common types of drives that can write CDs, either once or repeatedly. In the recording process, 

Survey Questionnaire

1.  Which type of optical disk do you prefer?

2.  Why you are interested in this optical disk?

3.  Which type of cd you prefer to buy?

4.  How do you rate the security of a cd?

5.  Do you prefer Rewritable cd?

6.  Which type of data you store in cd?

7.  Which type of storage device you are mostly prefer to buy?

8.  On a scale 1 to 5, give your satisfaction on speed of data transfer in a cd where 1 is the least?

9.  Which brand cd you prefer to buy?

10.  In a cd which type of features do you need?

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Rating of TDK CD

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Advantage and Disadvantage

" Very good product,,easy to carry and longlasting cd.
    This product is not available in local market. "