Vector X Viva Swimming Goggle

Vector X Viva Swimming Goggle


Rating Questions

1. Fittings

2. Visibility

3. Leak proof

4. Comfort

5. Adjustability




This is high quality Feature Kids Adjustable Silicon Swimming Goggle. It's a fun, good looking swimming companion for your child. UV and anti-fog protection, clear view poly carbonate lenses.

Survey Questionnaire

1.  Gender?

2.  What is your hobby?

3.  How often you are swimming in a weak?

4.  In which place you are swimming?

5.  Swimming helps in making strong muscle are you agree with it?

6.  Do you use all swimming accessory when you are swimming?

7.  Rate us how comfort you will feel by using goggles?1 is the least

8.  In which brand goggles you are interested?

9.  Goggles is necessary for a swimmer are you agree with it?

10.  How much you spent for buying goggles?

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Rating of Vector X Viva Swimming Goggle


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