Voltas VB P15M 15-Litres 155-Watt Air Cooler

Voltas VB P15M 15-Litres 155-Watt Air Cooler


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1. Speed

2. Cooling

3. Service centre

4. Electricity consumption

5. Capacity




Voltas VB P15M 15-Litres 155-Watt Air Cooler

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1.  Where do you lives in?

2.  Buying a cooler For?

3.  Which brand air cooler do you prefer?

4.  What Should be the capacity of air cooler you Prefer?

5.  From which place do you prefer to buy an air cooler?

6.  In which season do you want to use air cooler?

7.  What is the most important feature of air cooler for you?

8.  How do you know about the air cooler?

9.  How much price you can spend for a cooler?

10.  How many years warranty do you expect in an air cooler?

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Rating of Voltas VB P15M 15-Litres 155-Watt Air Cooler

subham pattanaik Says

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